Founded in 1851, Patek Philippe replica watches is one of the world 's most reputable and highly sought after watchmakers. Dating back to 1851 in London, replica watches Crystal Palace debut at the World Expo, Christie's Hong Kong best autumn auction replica watch boutique the Patek Philippe brand has been on display with the first keyless chain timepieces, wearing superb watchmaking skills, attention started by the European elite aristocracy. Depends Swiss watchmaker honor the commitment exquisite technology, technology and innovation, and the pursuit of perfection philosophy, this attractive brand watches work over the years has never wavered.

In this season of Patek Philippe presents Christie's Hong Kong best autumn auction replica watch boutique the works, undoubtedly the most eye-catching debut in the film market, " Golden Dragon " series, which presents three models are all treasures auction market a rare Patek Philippe 's top contemporary masterpieces. Star Caliber 2000 ( Lot No. 2952, Estimate: HK 18,000,000-32,000,000 / U.S. $ 2,300,000-4,000,000 ) is the best example of innovative contemporary watchmaking technology. With 21 complex functions The Star Calibre is a brand takes seven years for research and development in the new millennium.

Another focus for the " Golden replica watches Dragon " series, is very likely to一枚unique watch with mother of pearl dial, model 3939, made ??in 2011 about (Lot 2687, estimate: HK $ 2,800,000-4,400,000 / U.S. $ 350,000-550,000 ) ; addition to an extremely rare and important 18K gold perpetual calendar tourbillon watch, model 5016, made ??in about 2010 (Lot 2908, estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-4,800,000 / U.S. $ 400,000-550,000 ). The auction is unique, not only in its complex with a number of features, but also a wealth of aesthetic value, the success of the practical timepiece into superb art. With today's awareness of watchmaking technology continues to improve, and the rapid growth in demand, such as the above two examples auction is almost impossible to be excavated. Four

commissioned by private collectors, Patek Philippe 5004 replica watches model no mention, attention is also one of the highlights of this season (Lot 2840,2866,2903,2930 ). Model 5004 launch in 1995, has been discontinued, now replaced by the 5204 model. This auction were equipped with four unique dial, the case with the respective metal materials echo each other, demonstrates the combination of complex mechanical, dial design and unique combination. Another unique element is the watch tachymeter scale on the dial, and a Patek Philippe offers a " certificate of origin " as proof.

" Foresight " series is also not to be missed this season featured a total of 25 snare rare, highly replica watches sought after timepieces. This series of boutique full to most people trust praise, the oldest Swiss luxury watch factory, such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Girard-Perregaux replica watches and Blancpain 's work, which contains thousands of years from buynewbox.com generation to generation watch technology and innovation. The highlights of the series include equipped with a black dial Patek Philippe works, such as functions with three questions, platinum case and black enamel Breguet dial model 3979 (Lot 2951, estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-4,800,000 / U.S. $ 400,000-600,000 ), with three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar black dial model 5016 (Lot 2747, replica watches illustrated right, estimate: HK $ 3,200,000-5,200,000 / U.S. $ 420,000-650,000 ) models, as well as limited edition, with three asked function and black dial 5029.